Low Vision Therapy

Everything we do during the day is vision related. We wake up and look at the clock, read the newspaper, make coffee, manage medicine, look at social media, send an email, pay the bills, use kitchen appliances and watch TV. These and other ordinarily simple tasks can be challenging for people with low vision.

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Low vision doesn’t improve with eyeglasses, medicine or surgery and can be both frustrating and isolating for adults. After relying on your sense of sight for most of your life, you’ll likely discover low vision requires certain adaptations and a new set of tools. Low vision does not mean that you’ll have to give up your independence or quality of life, it just means you may have to do things a bit differently.

Low Vision Skills Rehabilitation wants to help you meet these challenges by providing you with tools, tips, strategies and information on how to more easily accomplish your everyday tasks at home and in the community.

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Therapy Aids For Independent Living

Therapy Aids For Independent Living is a service that provides patients of Low Vision Skills Rehabilitation the opportunity to purchase optical devices, electronic magnifiers and non-optical aids to promote independence for all tasks of daily living.

Susan frequently hears from her patients that low vision products purchased online or from catalogs simply aren’t adequate for their particular wants or needs. The benefit of working with Therapy Aids is that you get to try these devices first to determine if they work for you before you spend any money.

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Optical aids can improve your quality of life.
Susan Garber

About Susan Garber

LVS Rehab is the website of Susan Garber, a Licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) and Certified Low Vision Therapist (CLVT). Susan provides LV therapeutic services to patients and consulting services to doctors, clinics and occupational therapists. She is also an independent re-seller of LV optical aids.

Low Vision Consulting Services

Susan is an experienced, recognized expert in low vision therapy and rehabilitation. In addition to her own low vision therapy practice, she has managed low vision OT services in private eye-care practices, hospitals, rehabilitation agencies and non-profit agencies. Let Susan’s consulting expertise be your guide to a successful low vision therapy practice.

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