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Whether you would like to add OT services to your current practice or need a thorough business analysis of your existing program, our consulting services can help.

Would you like to introduce low vision OT services into your eye care or rehab practice?

Adding new services to an existing practice poses unique challenges. That’s where our hands-on experience comes in,  by guiding you in developing and implementing your new low vision program.

After assessing your practice’s goals and current level of services, we’ll draw up different business models and work with you to identify the best way for you to grow your offerings. Then we’ll assist you as much or as little as you want, to match your needs – with training, marketing, billing, it’s up to you – to ensure your long-term success and the welfare of your clients.

Are you a nonprofit agency thinking about adding a medical model low vision program? Or adding a medical model OT to your existing low vision program?

Identifying the low vision OT model that will work best for your organization is key to your success and LVS can help. First, we’ll work with you to pinpoint your agency’s goals and strengths, taking into consideration your setting, your staffing and the services you already offer. Then we’ll develop a strategy that makes sense for you and your agency, for implementing new low vision services. Finally, we can help with marketing, devising a plan for generating new referrals and also for making sure your current referring physicians know about your new enhanced services.

Could you benefit from an expert analysis of your current program?

What are your goals? Are you working smartly toward them? LVS will take a good hard look at your business practices. We’ll analyze your processes, identify your strengths and your challenges, then put together a realistic plan for improvements. From there, we can help you implement the changes you want to make, coaching you each step of the way.

What can LVS Consulting Services bring to your business? Expertise in the following:

  • Occupational therapy Medicare rehabilitation regulations

  • Insurance optimization
  • Proper low vision coding for OT and ODs to boost revenue
  • OT documentation
  • Development of billing processes and procedures

  • Outsourcing, such as low vision OTs, credentialing, billing and marketing

We handle everything.
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